World of Tomorrow

Fight for freedom, live for adventure, strive for justice!

The moto of a few, a war cry against the state for most. This is a high drama, high adventure, setting with supercharged characters called Alterpunks. While humanity lives in the safe confines of arcologies, grouped into mega cities, nature has reclaimed the earth as its own. Mutated creatures roam the thick jungles, posing a constant threat to what remains of humanity. Peace reigns throughout much of the world, but it is a false peace. Inside the walls, a totalitarian government lulls its citizens to complacency with rampant consumerism, propaganda, and the constant threat of violence.

Technology has not only made living this way bearable, but it has also thrust humanity into a new golden age. The highways that once connected the cities of the world are gone. Instead, humanity has gone into the skies, with jetpacks, rocket cars, dirigibles, and floating platforms. The world is connected more than ever before, through the exploitation of technology.

As an Alterpunk, opportunities are open to those with the courage and bravery to embrace it. Explore the dangerous jungles just outside the mega cities, or the hunting rings of South America, venture into the void of space, or fight against the street gangs of the megacities. Fight against government forces to bring peace to society, survive the wastelands while hunting the Underworlders and mutated creatures. Protect remote colonies from air pirates or protect an arcology from terrorists. Whichever path that is chosen, adventure awaits.