Codex Multiverse

What is a realm? It is a collection of stories, people, and adventures that referees, and players can explore. The Codex has an intertwined multiverse that is divided into Realms. Characters created in one realm rarely venture into others. The party might move from one Realm, Epoch, or Era to another. Every Realm is divided into different time periods. This provides a connected experience for long running adventures, or if the party is utilizing the Codex Destiny rules.  

The Realms

Each realm represents a unique experience. Each Realm has its own unique rules and variant to the Codex.

  • Airtha
    • Age of Gods & Titans
      • (Era) Empire of the Wolf 
    • Age of Blood & Sweat 
      • (Era) Daggers & Demons
    • Age Elemental Wars
      • (Era) Fire & Brimstone
    • Age of Steel & Fire
      • (Era) Kings & Pawns
    • Age of the Void
      • (Era) Into the Void
  • The Great Beyond
    • Age of Dreams
      • (Era) The Panku Empire
      • (Era) The Salamancia Empire
    • Age of Horrors
      • (Era) The World of Dathamare
  • Earth
    • Age of Superheroes
      • (Era) Tales of Bright Destiny (Campaign)
      • (Era) The World of Tomorrow
    • Age of Corporations & Machines
      • (Era) Tales of Avalon
    • Alternate Earth
      • (Era) World of Madness (Cyberpunk)
  • Magecraft
    • Age of Exploration
      • (Era) To Boldly Go
    • Age of Conquest & Discovery
      • (Era) Blood & Hunger
    • Age of Subjugation & Resistance
      • (Era) Magnificent Desolation
    • Age of the Fall
      • (Era) Gods once again