World of Tomorrow

My current project. The cyberpunk campaign is something I do with other people, The World of Tomorrow is something I do for myself. It is my current writing project and covers a setting book and story. This is the first time that I have tried to write a story around one of my settings. It is coming along very well so far.

I have a lot written for this setting and will update teasers and more info as I decide what I want to show.

New Focus

New beginnings require a new focus. I have been “fiddling” with websites for a long time. My mind wanders, like all of the time and developing websites lets me put my ideas into something that I can keep track of. I have always meant for this website to be the repository of my various projects, but as I shut down the other servers, I did not get back to creating a space for me and my wanderings.

Life events have put things in a new perspective and hopefully new focus. So I once again embark on this journey of find a place for what I create. Something that will always be in flux, will always be “coming soon” and a place I can always come back to.