Cyberpunk – Die Again and Again

In this adventure, I wanted to try something different. The Sunday Dystopia group ran into some problems when none other than Jonny showed up at the club. He said he was there to play a gig and was willing to pay well. The gig did not go as planned and someone detonated a bomb, prematurely ending the gig and the lives of everyone at the bar. The PC’s woke up to the sound of someone pounding on their door, and the even started over again.

The adventure idea is that the PC’s are stuck in a time loop where events repeat. A much-used trope in Movies and TV. During the Loop, I also ran a Dreamscape session during the time between when they failed the loop and before they woke up.

Here are a few things I learned and did to make this a fantastic game session!

  • Do not over plan. Have a general idea of the events and what the PC’s need to do to get out of the loop.
  • As the events unfold, write down the key moments. As you repeat the loop this will be a good guide.
  • Successes in one Loop, carries over to the next.
  • Don’t be afraid to sadistically punish the characters. This is the moment to have fun. Make sure the players know this also.
  • Restart the loop often.
  • Give useful and misleading information freely. Help guide the players through the rabbit hole.
  • Encourage skill use.

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