Cyberpunk 2020 – “The Domestics”

It was Wednesday, the last day I remember before waking up in the coffin. August 10th, not sure why I remember that day. The acid rain was especially heavy when we went to pick up our payment. Payment for a job I was not sure I wanted to do. I mean, it was only people, meatbags that had it coming, i mean probably had it coming. We picked them up on the edge of the combat zone, that place where Pacifica meets the slime of the city.

It was dark when I woke, cramped, sweaty, a foul odor in the air. The aches in my body was a testament to how long I had been asleep. I do wonder what happened to the other while I was asleep, it appears both parts were asleep, that has never happened before, and worse of all, I am without my deck to figure out what’s going on.

Not having access to the Net is like having my arm cut off, or at this point, my head. Might as well be dead. It was at this point that someone interupted my grim condition and let a bit of light into the coffin. I was not too far off in that regard.

My companions and I had been scooped up, kidnapped, shanghaied! For what? That is the question. With that little tingle at the back of my mind, I pulled, with the help of Blank and our other goons, myself out of that terrible coffin. Didn’t help with Net access, but at least now we could formulate a plan and get the hell out of here.

As the team pulled themselves from the other coffins and we began to look around, we found that this was a monkey shit operation. Low level goons working a insecure warehouse, working blindly for people they don’t know. Meatbags.

Street trash led us out of the warehouse and gave us a path towards a bit of revenge. The street trash was there looking for his friends, we could not help him in that regard, We didn’t find any other targets. We did setup a sweet little present for anyone opening those coffins. We slung the bodies of those guards in the coffins and sent them on their way. When they pick up the boxes and open them up on the other end, my little cyber-code hidden in their processors will let me know where that other end is and who is behind this scheme. Targeting street scum is one thing, targeting me and my friends will lead them to a world of hurt.

Once we got finished we headed to the Emerald City to get our wits about us and figure out who would want to target us. Was it a random hit? Something to discuss.