Aryton Jordan

Getaway Driver

Born June 10th, 2001. He was a product of the rebuilding age after the War. His parents believed in the hype surrounding Avalon and were among the first to migrate to the city. His father was involved in construction, was one of the Stewards for the Builder. His mother was a planning architect for the cities Space Port. His parents were killed in 2019 when the Arcology they called home was gassed. He was visiting Edison University when the tragedy happened.

Aryton drifted after his parents were killed. He had always loved the adrenaline rush of fast rockets and he eventually found his way into the Redlight gang in The Works district of Avalon. He used his inheritance to pay for his addiction to speed. After the money ran out, he found his way to The Works district, where he could put his lust for speed to good use. He has become a renowned getaway driver, where no risk is too great. He now calls Arcology 47 his home.

Maylene (Moxy) Tsang

Leader & Pilot

She was born a hundred years ago, so say the rumors. She certainly doesn’t look that old, especially for someone who looks pristine. She does not sport any cyberware and flaunts a distaste for those with too much. Maylene calls the Pacific Inquest Community dome her home. She is the captain, commander, and sole owner of the Integer, a 200m rigid airship capable of carrying 50 tons of cargo (originally 100, but Maylene has made modifications, including adding booster engines and body morphing capability to the outer hull to increase speed, with speeds up to 300kph). She has called Night City her second home for a decade. She despises the corporations and has deep distrust of politicians.

For the Friday Night Firefight game on Friday. In the Pacifica Setting.


Airtha: Age of Blood and Sweat (Setting)

The Age of Blood and Sweat covers the time after the Great War. The land is divided by two brothers, torn by different ideals. Each struggles to gain control of the crown, which is also claimed by a third. The other races are licking their wounds and trying to rebuild their civilizations. The lands are torn by supernatural threats as the armies of the world try to maintain order and protect the citizens. While the conflict between the races is over, the coming conflict between the Three Kings is only just beginning. Between the petty conflicts is another, darker, and more sinister evil. An evil that has awoken for the first time in a millennia, brought about by the destructive force of the Unleashments.

Airtha: Daggers & Demons (Campaign)

A brutal fantasy campaign that takes place within the Age of Blood and Sweat. Elements include the classic dungeon crawl, character development, and epic combat. Wrapped around all of this is a brilliant and engaging story that takes place in the pivotal last days of the age of Blood and Sweat. This campaign takes Generational Codex characters from level one to ten in 14-20 sessions. Fast paced and exciting.

Airtha: Elemental Wars (Setting)

The Elemental Wars covers the period after the Daggers and Demons campaign. When a third Vessel of Spite is detonated, Airtha itself rebels against the mortal beings strapped to its carcass. The Elements themselves manifest through spiritual magic and raise to wage war with one-another. Those that rely upon magic burst into insanity and civilization stands on the brink of extinction. Brave heroes struggle against the coming war, making deals to stave off their demise. Demonic powers subside into oblivion as their power is circumvented by the Elemental Lords.

Airtha: Fire & Brimstone (Campaign)

The world is in flux as the Elemental Wars are in full effect. It does not look like civilization will survive this round of chaos. It is up to the characters to find a way to survive the coming apocalypse. Two of the Elemental Lords fighting has neared the Great City, their fight threatens to lay waste to the last city. This campaign starts with generational characters and escalates very quickly. This campaign covers the origins of the Steamforge and the beginning of a new Age for Airtha.

Airtha: Age of the Steel and Fire (Setting)

After the Elemental Wars new powers take over the daily lives of the civilized species. Steamforges, devices birthed at the end of the Elemental Wars, power civilization forward into a new age. An age ruled by magic machines rather than magic beings. Machines do not fall to the madness that a living being does. Within these new machines comes an age of flying ships and floating cities, remnants of the elemental rebellion.

Airtha: Kings & Pawns (Campaign)

The world of Airtha has settled into a rhythm after the elemental wars. The Dwarven Council tries to rule civilization, with the human and elven kingdoms struggling to maintain their own territories. This is story of intrigue, high adventure, and mystery. The players play aspect characters who struggle with crimes that threaten the very foundation of the Empire, but whose side will they take?

Alternate Airtha (Settings)

There are many Airtha Settings, some do not follow the normal Airtha sequence of events and history. These Airtha worlds differed in some significant way. This is similar to the Alternate Earth settings, however they focus on the landmasses familiar with Airtha, rather than Earth.

Airtha: Empire of the Wolf (Campaign)

This Airtha Setting and Campaign is set in the Empire of the Wolf, a setting where a Wolven society rules most of Airtha. The players take on Furry characters that come from all sorts of animal characteristics. The Wolven being only one of them.

Airtha: Age of Gods and Titans (Setting)

This is the Age before all others, when Airtha was a land governed by magic long lost to the annals of time. Gods rule from the Mount while Titans roam the world below. Mortals toil in the torment of the Gods schemes and Heroes strive against them, all while Airtha drifts through Chaos. 

Airtha: Age of the Void (Setting)

This is the last Age of Airtha, a millenia after the Elemental Wars, an age when the civilizations of Airtha take a step into the grand void. At first it was out of curiosity, to see what was beyond the rocky shores of the world. What was discovered has made the exploration of the Void a struggle for existence itself.

Airtha: Into the Void (Campaign)

The world is divided into the two remaining ruling civilizations. The Elven island state and the Orcen Tribes. The Dwarven and the Human remain in the underholds, delving ever deeper into the belly of Airtha. Airtha is making a leap into the void as a United empire (although very unstable).

Magecraft: Lamb and Slaughter

The Universe is a huge place, made smaller by technology. Those planets that are part of the network run the universe, while those that remain unaware are the lambs. In this setting, players starts as lambs and eventually move to the slaughter. Are they the perpetuators or the slaughter or the victims….only their decisions will decide.

Cyberpunk 2020 – Supernatural

I really like cyberpunk, it was the first non-fantasy setting that I really got into. Don’t get me wrong, I played a lot of others before this, but cyberpunk just had a certain feel to it that was fantastic, and I enjoyed it a lot more than Shadowrun.

Which brings me to one of the main problems with Cyberpunk, well not really a problem, more like just a fact. If the players wanted something beyond the sci-fi setting, for example magic, vampires, supernatural, etc., it meant going to a different setting. Of course it did. I mean there were attempts to get this stuff into cyberpunk, but if you were running a campaign for any amount of time it seemed artificial to suddenly add these elements. It was also time consuming to start up a new campaign.

Instead of starting a new campaign, introducing the features ad-hoc, or going to a new setting, there is fourth solution, and it really fits into the cyberpunk setting without too much difficulty, in fact, once the idea is shown, it might be something that is expected.

The idea relies on two very prominent features of the setting, drugs and humanity loss.

The adventure starts off innocent enough. The characters are at a club, they are celebrating, Either celebrating a victory, or drowning in the misery of defeat. One of their long time friends buys them a round and the night passes into oblivion.

The next day is when things start to become strange. They start to notice that things are different, seeing shadows following them in the darkness. Odd encounters with people talking of omens. Continue to add other supernatural elements. Is a vampire clan trying to recruit them, or a werewolf pack hunting them, or perhaps a wizard council is trying to destroy the world.

Throughout the adventure, make sure that their friend keeps “celebrating” with them and towards the end of the adventure start to sow the seeds of doubt. They attack someone thinking they are a warewolf, but when they find the body its just some cybered up punk. That vampire they tracked down, just a thug parting out people in the alley.

Then when things culminate in the end game, let them know that they have been in a drug induced haze the entire time. Maybe an experimental drug that their friend has been paid to drop in the open market, maybe something used to control people. The characters will eventually figure out that everything they have seen is a lie, caused by the experimental drug.

Of course Vampires don’t exist in Cyberpunk. But drug induced hallucinations spanning several weeks made worse by a lost connection to humanity, that seems about right for Cyberpunk. It gives the players a distraction from their “normal” routine.

Cyberpunk 2020 – “The Domestics”

It was Wednesday, the last day I remember before waking up in the coffin. August 10th, not sure why I remember that day. The acid rain was especially heavy when we went to pick up our payment. Payment for a job I was not sure I wanted to do. I mean, it was only people, meatbags that had it coming, i mean probably had it coming. We picked them up on the edge of the combat zone, that place where Pacifica meets the slime of the city.

It was dark when I woke, cramped, sweaty, a foul odor in the air. The aches in my body was a testament to how long I had been asleep. I do wonder what happened to the other while I was asleep, it appears both parts were asleep, that has never happened before, and worse of all, I am without my deck to figure out what’s going on.

Not having access to the Net is like having my arm cut off, or at this point, my head. Might as well be dead. It was at this point that someone interupted my grim condition and let a bit of light into the coffin. I was not too far off in that regard.

My companions and I had been scooped up, kidnapped, shanghaied! For what? That is the question. With that little tingle at the back of my mind, I pulled, with the help of Blank and our other goons, myself out of that terrible coffin. Didn’t help with Net access, but at least now we could formulate a plan and get the hell out of here.

As the team pulled themselves from the other coffins and we began to look around, we found that this was a monkey shit operation. Low level goons working a insecure warehouse, working blindly for people they don’t know. Meatbags.

Street trash led us out of the warehouse and gave us a path towards a bit of revenge. The street trash was there looking for his friends, we could not help him in that regard, We didn’t find any other targets. We did setup a sweet little present for anyone opening those coffins. We slung the bodies of those guards in the coffins and sent them on their way. When they pick up the boxes and open them up on the other end, my little cyber-code hidden in their processors will let me know where that other end is and who is behind this scheme. Targeting street scum is one thing, targeting me and my friends will lead them to a world of hurt.

Once we got finished we headed to the Emerald City to get our wits about us and figure out who would want to target us. Was it a random hit? Something to discuss.