Aryton Jordan

Getaway Driver

Born June 10th, 2001. He was a product of the rebuilding age after the War. His parents believed in the hype surrounding Avalon and were among the first to migrate to the city. His father was involved in construction, was one of the Stewards for the Builder. His mother was a planning architect for the cities Space Port. His parents were killed in 2019 when the Arcology they called home was gassed. He was visiting Edison University when the tragedy happened.

Aryton drifted after his parents were killed. He had always loved the adrenaline rush of fast rockets and he eventually found his way into the Redlight gang in The Works district of Avalon. He used his inheritance to pay for his addiction to speed. After the money ran out, he found his way to The Works district, where he could put his lust for speed to good use. He has become a renowned getaway driver, where no risk is too great. He now calls Arcology 47 his home.

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