Spell Casting

Spell casting in Daggers & Demons is dangerous. It should only be done as a last resort and it comes with a cost. Everyone can cast spells, but almost no one should. The untrained lose their minds if they are lucky, most of the time they cause dire consequences to those around them. The lucky ones die quickly. They do not speak of the unlucky ones. Spell Casters are rare and carry with them a mystery of mistrust. They are always the outsiders. Even though they find it difficult to call a place home, the people give them a wide berth, fearing the unpredictable power they wield.

Every spell comes with a cost, in addition to its other components. They are varied in their application, having come from an age long ago. Spells are living things, entombed onto an object, almost always in the form of a book. If they are removed from its physical form, the spell lingers inside the minds of living things until is it inscribed into a physical object once again. This almost always drives the bearer insane, the process of inscription kills the person in the process.